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BUT EXACTLY WHAT KINDS OF APPS DO YOU BUILD?  |  We work with companies large and small, technical and non-technical, from startups to industry veterans. Sometimes an app is the sole focus of a company. Other times, an app is built to supplement a process or offer additional value to customers. We have rarely, if ever, built the same thing more than once. And that is how it should be! We love mobile development because it is new, cutting edge, and continually growing.
Our clients come from all sorts of industries and bring up so many varied and interesting challenges. Getting kids dancing? Done it. Simplifying doctors appointment check in? Of course. Helping go-carts drive around town? Yep. Building a bot that can offer emotional support? Sure! Group choral arrangements? Well it IS music city after all. We welcome a challenge and live for being among the first to explore new frontiers.

Standard Services

AT YOUR SERVICE  |  We can provide solutions to any need you may encounter when building your mobile product, however the areas below encompass the majority of our daily tasks. We’re happy to provide an exact example of our work for any of these services upon request. Learn how these services can be combined into a time-tested process here.
design planning
Strategy & Design

With over a decade of experience, our design team can provide guidance and art that supports and enhances the visual component of your product.

+  Lean Canvas Exercises
+  Market Research
+  Objectives & Goals
+  User Personas
+  Wireframes
+  Key Screens

+  Styleguide
+  Icon Design
+  UI/UX Design
+  Design Prototypes
+  User Testing
+  Userflow Documentation

Code & Deploy

We’ve been building and shipping iOS and Android apps since the beginning and offer fully comprehensive development solutions to meet your goals.

+  Technical Architecture
+  Product Breakdowns & Estimation
+  Native iOS and Android Development

+  Continuous Deployment
+  Quality Assurance Testing
+  App Store and Google Play Submission and Publication


Speciality Services

I HAVE THIS PROBLEM…  |  We love a challenge and have built our business upon sticky problems. Our academic background in design and embedded systems gives us a strong foundation for solving novel problems with cutting edge technologies. Here are a few areas where we have repeatedly delivered results.

Startup & MVP Planning

Starting from scratch? We’ve worked with numerous early-stage startups to create and validate their “minimum viable product”. Whether it’s a design spec for an investor deck or a proof of concept prototype, we can help kick start your new adventure. 

Business Process Optimization

Have an existing business process that could be streamlined with software? We can work with you to codify workflows, eliminate redundant work, and create innovative new tools to increase the productivity of your workforce.

Spike Solutions

Not sure if your dreams are technically possible? No clue as to the difficulty or feasibility of building your product? We offer time-bounded “spike-solution” engagements for exploring the great unknown. With a detailed reporting of our findings, you’ll be able to de-risk new frontiers.

Hardware Integrations

Leveraging our background in embedded systems, we have been key players in developing apps involving advanced hardware/software integrations, including work with Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Apple’s External Accessory Framework.

Voice, Video, & Chat Solutions

Hello? Is this thing on? Mobile devices enable us to connect with each other from almost anywhere. We have extensive experience integrating voice, video, and text messaging services into mobile apps, enabling your users to communicate, when they need to most.

Location Based Services

Your phone goes everywhere with you and likely knows more about your activities and habits than you realize. Leverage our experience in health, fitness, and location tracking to provide next-level insights to your users.

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How we build your app

OUR MOBILE TOOLBELT  |  We build so many things at LunarLincoln, and use a wide array of tools to craft our apps. We strive to keep abreast of the best tools available to us to help us efficiently produce the highest quality work. Below are some of our favorite tools at the moment. Know of something even better? Reach out!