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Agent Legend Mobile Apps

Agent Legend

This companion app connects to your Agent Legend account and helps you easily manage conversations with your real estate prospects from anywhere.

  • Client: Agent Legend
  • Skills: iOS & Android Development, UI/UX Design
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“It was an absolute pleasure doing business with LunarLincoln. As a small business owner and developer who wanted to get good things done ASAP, LunarLincoln was the perfect fit!”
— Mark Ramos, CTO, Agent Legend

Buff Flash Control

The Buff Flash Control app helps photographers take control of their lighting setups directly from their phone.

  • Client: Paul C. Buff
  • Skills: iOS & Android Development, UI/UX Design, Hardware Integrations
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“LunarLincoln took the time to learn about us, our industry, and our customer base. We’ve received dozens of positive comments regarding the interface and the apps ease of use, which LunarLincoln played a big part in!”
— Anthony Romano, Marketing Director, Paul C. Buff

Objective Zero

Objective Zero connects US military service members and Veterans to a nationwide peer support network via secure voice, video, and text.

  • Client: Objective Zero Foundation
  • Skills: iOS & Android, UI/UX Design
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“Partnering with LunarLincoln was the single greatest decision Objective Zero ever made. They set themselves apart in the way they listen and communicate.”
— Kayla Bailey, CIO, Objective Zero Foundation


VDCI offers mosquito control and public health services to counties, large cities, and small towns in the US and internationally. 

  • Client: Vector Disease Control International
  • Skills: Android, UI/UX Design & Hardware Integrations
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“From day one, LunarLincoln understood how we work, made our goals their goals, and fit seamlessly and awesomely into our process to build an app we’re really proud to share with our users.”
— Christy Frink, Product Owner, GoNoodle

GoNoodle Tablet & iPhone


GoNoodle turns movement into a game with hundreds of custom-created videos and interactive characters.

  • Client: GoNoodle
  • Skills: iOS, Android, and tvOS Development
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“Working with a team like LunarLincoln feels like you are working with members of your own business family. They take on the project and become part of your team.“
— Matthew Simpson, CoFounder, LoLo


Synchronous Health & Karla deliver behavioral health support in the exact moment it is needed most. Their network of behavioral health providers deliver counseling and coaching through telehealth and predictive analytics. 

  • Client: Synchronous Health
  • Skills: iOS Development, Web Development, Prototyping, UI/UX Design
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“I can say with confidence, the team at LunarLincoln will stop at nothing to exceed your expectations and build something that will totally delight your users.”
— Pete Peltier, Product Owner, Emma


Metric keeps you connected to your Emma email marketing results in real time. View analytics, campaigns, and mailing scores from your pocket.

  • Client: Emma
  • Skills: iOS & Android Development
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“The real benefit in working with the team at LunarLincoln is not just in their attention to detail, but the opportunity to work with world class developers and designers that are able to maintain focus and move projects along like professional project managers. I can’t recommend them highly enough for projects simple to complex.” 
— Harrison Thomas, Director of Corporate Development, Healthways


Compass employs the powerful native sensors in your phone to give you perspective on your habits over time. Learn more about what makes you tick, get insights, and replay your day.

  • Client: Healthways
  • Skills: iOS Development, Prototyping, UI/UX Design
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“I would give LunarLincoln high marks across the board. I’ve met and worked with everyone on the team in some capacity, and I think they are all extremely talented and capable in their respective roles. I am very confident in saying: do yourself a favor and work with LunarLincoln.”
— Charlie Corts, CEO, EnhanceWorks


Expo is the simplest way to organize, present, and share your content on the go, transforming any cloud file directory (Box, Dropbox, OneDrive) into a custom visual gallery for perfectly tailored presentations.

  • Client: EnhanceWorks
  • Skills: iOS Development
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“LunarLincoln has been an incredible partner to XOi Technologies. If you are looking for a strong external engineering resource with a team that actually has a personality, you should work with LunarLincoln.“
— Aaron Salow, CEO, XOi Technologies


XOi equips field technicians with wearable technology systems that capture and share the right information with the right people at the right time.

  • Client: XOi
  • Skills: iOS Development, UI/UX Design
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“Small or large… startup or a mature company, LunarLincoln has the talent and process in place to manage a project’s scope and their customer’s expectations. “
— Chris Blanz, CoFounder & CXO, Bkon


The PHY.net Physical Web browser brings a best in industry experience to the Physical Web.

  • Client: Bkon
  • Skills: iOS Development
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“LunarLincoln is the only development agency I trust with our mobile app. The app has required some highly technical and detailed work on unique ideas and features, and LunarLincoln has been able to do everything I’ve asked of them.“
— Lee Bridges, Vice President of Product Design and Development, MediaComplete

Band in Hand

Take control of your choir practice with the Band in Hand app. A massive range of music mixing tools allow you to practice and perform any arrangement.

  • Client: MediaComplete
  • Skills: iOS Development
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“I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing so until the end.“
— A.Lincoln

The Brain at Work Experiment

A ResearchKit app for Emory University, The Brain at Work Experiment tests cost/benefit decision making with a series of games.

  • Client: Emory University / TReAD Lab
  • Skills: iOS Development, UI/UX Design
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“LunarLincoln is more than just a coding company — they provided the consulting and expertise to help guide us to the best solution.”
— Ted Burch, Product Development, Griffin Technology

Griffin Technology

LunarLincoln aided Griffin Technology with several projects ranging from cutting-edge research and development and prototyping to maintaining an SDK used by developers to build apps for Griffin’s point of sale offerings.

  • Client: Griffin Technology
  • Skills: iOS & macOS Development, R&D
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