Synchronous Health

Synchronous Health delivers behavioral health support in the exact moment it is needed most. Their network of behavioral health providers deliver counseling and coaching through telehealth video sessions and mobile support.

Synchronous Health is a behavioral healthcare platform that uses data analysis and predictive analytics to identify patterns of behavior. The platform is composed of a web portal for licensed therapists to review patient patterns and assign therapies as well as a companion app for patients called Karla. Karla provides the user with guidance and intervention at the moment they need it.

Karla as conversational support

Karla is a personal bot that serves as the interface for Synchronous Health. As a kind of data scientist, she manages, provides, and offers data to a user. Karla can ask and respond to questions offering support as well as a listening ear when a user needed it most.

Interactive Emotion Logs

Karla also features an interactive Plutchik wheel which allows users to log their feelings throughout the day. Counselors can review these touchpoints for discussion at their weekly or monthly telehealth sessions and prescribe relevant and timely interventions. 

Specialist Support

A user can opt to match with a human-support specialist in addition to Karla. Through a custom pairing process, SyncHealth works to match the user with the Specialist best suited to their needs. Specialists can be available to chat, assign activities, or program Karla to provide better asynchronous support.

Objective Data Collection for Contextual Support

In addition to this conversational therapy, Karla is designed to passively log a user’s data, through voice, cloud, mobile, desktop, and environment analytics and process the resulting data set through a custom algorithms.

Karla uses this data set to provide context and support to a user. Allowing them to revisit, review, and explore their habits and behaviors at any time through a system of data cards.

Counselors can receive alerts on potentially risky locations or behaviors in order to reach out to their client in the moments that matter most. 

Patient Management Portal

The Synchronous Health project has not only a consumer app (Karla) but also a web platform that allows counselors to assign, interact, and properly assess information the Karla presented about their patients.

We developed a design system and intervention library of scripts that allowed a counselor to create custom programs for each client.