Metric for Emma

Metric is the mobile component of Emma’s email marketing service. Emma works toward making the email marketing experience more approachable and more personable. Since launching in 2003, their focus has been on great design and simple but powerful features that help marketers do more than “blast” their email list.

Rapid Prototyping
When we first started shaping Metric we hit the ground running by leveraging their existing iOS SDK. A couple of weeks into development one of our prototypes was shown internally. The reaction was very positive and we were asked when we could have a version of the prototype that used real data. When we told them that the prototype was already using real data, they were astounded. Using real data throughout the prototyping stage helped us quickly iterate over new features with confidence since we knew how our changes would work for a real users.

Custom Animations
Emma makes an extremely high quality product and we wanted to build a mobile app that matched that standard of quality. One way we accomplished this was by incorporating several custom animated elements throughout the app (with the help of a lot of math and drawing code). The extra polish gained from animating the loading indicators and mailing graphs really brought Emma’s personality to Metric. 

Material Design on Android
When it was time to build the Android version of Metric, LunarLincoln worked closely with Emma to make the app feel at home on Android. Using the latest material design guidelines we created an Android app that stands out from the pack. We even worked extra hard to implement the new material design interface on devices with older versions of Android so that Emma customers could experience the latest in UI without having to upgrade their devices.

With Emma’s growing interest in building out their presence on mobile, and a lack of mobile development knowledge on staff, LunarLincoln was an easy choice to work with. Jonathan Wiley and his staff has a deep understanding of mobile applications, with experience dating back to the very beginnings of both iOS and Android. Perhaps just as important as their expertise was how they conducted themselves and how they fit in with our culture and vision. They understood and embraced that at Emma, we place heavy emphasis on style, usability, and the voice of the brand. Without a doubt, this is why the project to build our email response metric app went so smoothly for both iOS and Android. Any small to mid size company looking for some assistance with native mobile app development would be smart to work with LunarLincoln. I can say with confidence, the team at LunarLincoln will stop at nothing to exceed your expectations and build something that will totally delight your users. Emma has been extremely happy with all of LunarLincoln’s work and I’d definitely recommend them to anyone shopping around for a top notch mobile dev shop.
Pete Peltier
Product Owner, Emma

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