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Gif TV

The Gif TV is a small phone stand and app that plays a nonstop stream of your favorite gifs.  Users can set up a “TV channel” of their favorite GIFs from the Gif TV app and then play the channel full screen on their phone. Simply slide the phone into the stand and voilà – Gif TV.

Gif TV Lineup

Have you ever spent hours trying to find the perfect gif to send to friends? Do you share the same choice image-nuggets over and over? Do you wish your full-time job was running the Ministry of Gifs twitter account?

The App
Gif TV is powered by a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. Similar to a real TV, you can set up a “TV channel” of your favorite gifs or watch a friend’s channel. You can even create channels based on tags. #kitten #excited #oprah #fail. The Gif TV app is built with Flutter and the Giphy API.

The Stand
The Gif TV stand is made of .125in birch plywood, laser cut into a sturdy and dare I say, stud-ly stand. It comes with additional spacer pieces for a custom fit to your device. Simply slide the legs together along with the faceplate and you’re ready to go.

The Gif TV
Buy the stand. Download the app onto your phone or an older phone you have laying around. Set up your gif “channels”. Play a channel full screen. Slide your phone into the stand. Voila – A Gif TV.

Gif TV on table

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