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Buff Flash Control

Paul C. Buff, Inc. provides affordable, reliable, and versatile photography lighting equipment to photographers of all skill levels. The Buff Flash Control app helps photographers take control of their lighting setups directly from their phone.

Connect to Multiple Flash Units
The Buff Flash Control app can discover and connect to multiple flash units of varying types and models using bluetooth via a smart Hub. This multi-connectivity allows photographers to make adjustments to individual flashes from one location.

Flash Unit Adjustments
Not only can a photographer view the current settings for a flash unit (type, flash power, modeling light power, color, and action settings) they can also adjust these individually.  A user can turn on or off individual lights or make minor tweaks in their setup – turning a lamp up or down and adjusting the modeling light from auto to tracking. 

Saved Setups
A user can also save the settings for a specific group of Flash units as a Setup. This allows them to dive into a particular configuration of flash power and devices when needed in the future, minimizing setup time when switching between sessions or locations.

Client Feedback

We felt that LunarLincoln really took the time to understand the use case scenario of the app. Sure it looks great but not only did they make the app aesthetically pleasing, it’s so functional and very user intuitive. Something big for us was communication, and LunarLincoln absolutely delivered. They were available when we needed them and were great about keeping us updated with throughout the development process. They did such a great job with this first version of our app, that we are already working with LunarLincoln on phase two. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and great attitude, took a big project and made it digestible, fun, and exciting!


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