Objective Zero

Objective Zero connects US military service members and Veterans to a nationwide peer support network via secure voice, video, and text. Register as a user to connect with the Objective Zero Ambassador network, or serve as an Ambassador to receive calls and texts from Veterans.

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Private Communication
The Objective Zero app was built from the ground up with privacy in mind. We crafted a custom solution that connects service members and Veterans without exposing their personal contact information. Users are able to call, video chat, and text each other directly through the app without needing to rely on 3rd party methods for communication.

Call Forwarding
The backend for Objective Zero intelligently routes unanswered calls to a larger network of Veterans with its call forwarding feature. If a call for help is not answered after a number of rings, the Objective Zero app tries to reach other Veterans who may be available. If a Veteran cannot be reached within a short period of time, a user is forwarded to nationally recognized hotlines for immediate assistance.

Streamlined Interface
After inheriting the nearly completed app, LunarLincoln worked closely with Objective Zero to tie up loose ends and prepare the app for launch. Once the app was launched and some feedback was gathered, the interface was overhauled in both apps to provide a richer experience for Veterans and ambassadors on the platform.

Client Feedback

Partnering with LunarLincoln was the single greatest decision Objective Zero ever made. We took a chance on transferring our half-finished app to LunarLincoln, and within weeks, they took our project from dream to reality. They instantly understood our vision and flawlessly delivered a mobile app that met all our needs and more. As a direct result of their efforts, Objective Zero was able to bring powerful suicide prevention technology to the hands of Veterans who need it most. And all within our budget and on time!

Working with LunarLincoln was a success, because they go the extra mile in everything they do. From user experience design to software development, LunarLincoln was with us every step of the way. There are plenty of talented development firms out there, but LunarLincoln set themselves apart in the way the listen and communicate. Their ability to fully integrate with the Objective Zero team was beyond parallel. This project was deeply personal for us, and we knew from day one that LunarLincoln felt the same way.

As we continue to grow, LunarLincoln remains at the forefront of bringing our vision to life. We feel honored to have the skilled and passionate team at LunarLincoln on our side and consider them a natural extension of our team. To anyone considering working with them, do it and don’t look back.


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