Bkon & Phy.net

BKON gives brands the power to curate Physical Web experience through their PHY.net app. Using the same technologies that power the Internet – the Physical Web’s URL-based delivery means that existing web content can easily be repurposed for use in app-based proximity campaigns.

Although anyone can access Physical Web content with a smartphone and an open beacon browser like Chrome, brands also have the power to curate experiences with the Physical Web SDK and the PHY.net iOS and Android apps.

Rich Graphics
Using a website’s existing schema and metadata – the PHY.net app pulls rich images and site content for a fuller, more informative experience. The user interface has been optimized with parallax branding and custom card interactions to add that extra bit of polish to stand above the rest.

Interested your own custom version of the PHY.net app for a business or event? No problem! The app has been constructed so that new versions are a breeze to set up. Have a one-of-a-kind build ready to go to the App store in minutes. You can find examples of the white-labeled features in action below: Nashville Oktoberfest App or Nashville Sounds Gameday App

LunarLincoln took our concept and elevated it beyond what we expected. We wanted X, and we got Y and Z without even asking. They helped us overcome some serious technical issues and we couldn’t have launched it as fast as we did without them. Knowing we wanted a modular, scalable app, that we could re-skin and build new features on top of, the team at Lunar Lincoln helped us organize our thoughts, and the craft the foundation that lets us do that and more. LunarLincoln are good people doing good work. That’s what it boils down to. Honest, open communication is valuable. We really do sincerely appreciate that. Small or large… startup or a mature company, LunarLincoln has the talent and process in place to manage a project’s scope and their customer’s expectations.
Chris Blanz
Founder & CXO, Bkon

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