XOi Technologies

XOEye equips field technicians with wearable technology systems that capture and share the right information with the right people at the right time.  XOEye’s custom applications communicate with experts, connect with decision-makers, document work performed, and increase overall efficiency.

VOIP and Streaming Video
We integrated a custom Voice Over IP solution with streaming video for one-to-one as well as conference calling between technicians in the field and their expert supervisors at the home office.

Secure Data
Data captured by technicians are stored in a secure interface and works with frequent service outages in remote field locations. Customers can be confident that the key details of their business infrastructure are not in a technician’s personal camera roll.

Unparalleled Reliability
With thousands of hours of app usage and counting, we have been able to achieve the highest standards of reliability, with an error rate of less than 0.2% per session.

Design and Branding Updates
We worked with the XOEye team to develop a simple to user interface for field technicians for both iOS and Android platforms.

We also implemented a light refresh of their internal web dashboard: Vision. For this task, it was important to maintain a familiar layout while also simplifying and aligning the elements to mirror the mobile UI.

Client Feedback

LunarLincoln has been an incredible partner to XOEye Technologies. I use the word ‘partner’ very specifically…they are much more than a software vendor to us. Lunar’s ability to complete strong work on a tight timeline has allowed our business the flexibility to use internal resources in a more specialized way, ultimately driving process efficiency while allowing us to stay lean.

A business should work with Lunar for many reasons: strong code, timeliness, and accountability. The thing that stands out is their attitude. In working with the several members of their team, I have found their calm and positive countenance a real benefit compared to other external vendors we have worked with. If you are looking for a strong external engineering resource with a team that actually has a personality, you should work with LunarLincoln.

LunarLincoln has been a great asset to us as an external development resource. After many challenging experiences with external resources, they have stood head and shoulders above the rest with timely and outstanding work, at a reasonable price. In addition, their devotion to a true partnership has been phenomenal, specifically as it relates to rushed priorities and advisory assistance. I would highly recommend them.


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