Band in Hand

Band in Hand gives worship bands of all sizes the ability to rearrange songs, change keys and tempos, loop song sections, and adjust their mixes in real-time. And with its Live Sync feature up to 5 devices can stay in sync with the master track while having control over their own audio mixing levels. 

Feature-Rich Track Editing Capabilities
Band in Hand gives you full control over your tracks during rehearsals and services. Rearrange or remove sections of songs to tailor your music to your worship. For the perfect setlist, change keys and tempos for seamless transitions. Loop sections of a song for perfecting a tricky verse in rehearsal or extending a song during worship. Play along with a click track and a custom mix of any other instruments, or even solo an instrument to get the most out of your practice sessions.

Everything In One App
Forget having to keep track of sheet music. With Band in Hand you can view your sheet music right in the app. And you can rest assured that your perfect mix is preserved by saving your custom edited tracks. Stay organized by creating set lists for services. If you’re short on band members Band in Hand can even fill in missing parts.

Goodbye Expensive Monitoring Systems
Using local WiFi or Bluetooth and custom syncing technology, Band in Hand can sync up to 5 iOS devices and effectively replace your monitoring system. Live Sync allows one device to become the master and control the playback of the other synced devices during worship or rehearsal. Each device can have its own mix, allowing each band member to hear what they need to hear while staying on beat with the rest of the band.

LunarLincoln is the only development agency I trust with our mobile app. The app has required some highly technical and detailed work on unique ideas and features, and LunarLincoln has been able to do everything I’ve asked of them. I’ve tried a number of other development companies in Nashville and other cities but never felt as well-taken care of as with LunarLincoln. I know that Wiley, Jennifer, and the rest of the team are trustworthy and have my interest in mind in all their work and communication. I never feel out of the loop, and the quality of their work is outstanding. I would recommend LunarLincoln to anyone looking for high-quality development.
Lee Bridges
Vice President & Director of Innovative Technologies, MediaComplete

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