Treadlab – Emory University

The TReAD Lab studies the behavioral and neurobiological determinants of cost/benefit decision-making in healthy individuals, as well as in patients with mental illness. Their research focuses on the neural circuitry that underlies cost/benefit decision-making and how we can use this knowledge to more efficiently target treatments for affective disorders.

TReAD Lab needed a way to run their tests more often, with less hassle. LunarLincoln leveraged Apple’s ResearchKit framework to provide a foundation for their lab tests. Now participants can run tests and add to their data daily, without visits to the lab.

Proper Permissions
Leveraging Apple’s ResearchKit framework, we are able to present the permissions and legalese in an approachable manner with animations and smaller sets of explanation.

Innovations from Matlab
LunarLincoln converted Matlab scripts into simpler, welcoming UI in order to make the lab tests more user friendly and approachable.

Richer Data
Data now can be gathered in more realistic settings than at the lab. In the lab or on the go, users can always pull out their phones and help improve modern science.

Customizable Data Sets
Lab administrators can dynamically craft interactive experiments including surveys, reaction-time tests, opinion sliders, and many more with ResearchKit components.

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