Casecollage for 5C

A LunarLincoln original: CaseCollage lets you add your own personality and design to the new iPhone 5c case. Use the case holes as frames for your artwork, friends, and interests. Take your dots to a new dimension when you create and print your own custom cases.

CaseCollage is a LunarLincoln app. Originally conceived of as a “wouldn’t it be nice” weekend project, CaseCollage was an experiment in navigating the waters of product and market launch for ourselves.

Apple released the iPhone 5c model in 2013. A departure from their sleek aluminum styles, the 5c came in bright plastic colors. To “compliment” these colorful phones were equally colorful cases with circular cutouts to display the new phone body. The Apple fanboy community HATED IT. Who knew 35 little circles could engender so much bad press? Light bulb moment: What if we could fix the holes and give them some real utility. Thus CaseCollage was born. A simple solution to something the internet could not stop whining about.

Simple still requires work. Over two weeks we built prototypes, tested them, refined designs and feature set, and on day 14 – placed our app into the app store for review. We also spent several days crafting our public release with a website, press kit, and media list. To learn more about each of these journeys – visit our blog for the entire CaseCollage series.

The press was glad to continue writing about this “travesty of design” and our modest solution. We received articles from several major news sites. Over 100,000 YouTube views and almost 25,000 downloads. 1.41 million images were added to canvases. From a user standpoint, we discovered that the majority of our users were tweens and we pivoted our marketing efforts to Instagram. Happy to fill their cases with photos of Taylor Swift and their pets, our users are still downloading the app even today.

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