Joyride is a shuttle service providing quick transportation in multiple cities across the southeast. They offer the country’s first ever tips-only ride service and the best tours of the city. Set your pick-up/drop-off location, get connected to your personal driver, and check the progress of your Joyride at any time. 

Joyride is a local shuttle service that has been growing by leaps and bounds. Ride demand has exceeded available drivers and the current phone-based ride request system is no longer ideal. LunarLincoln built all facets of their new mobile app system, which included a server backend as well as a driver and customer app for both iOS and Android. The new ride request system will allow for greater analytical data on their clientele as well as removing the burden of rider communication from Joyride drivers. 

Dual Development
Building both a driver and customer app in parallel requires tight communication between the developers, designers, and clients to make sure the two apps work seamlessly together. By designing these apps in parallel we were able to streamline the ride process from the time a client requests a ride to the time a driver drops them at their destination. This perspective allowed us to build apps that played well together. 

Payment Systems
We integrated a new payment system using the Stripe platform for seamless tip collection. Driver’s no longer have to carry large amounts of cash, and tip totals are automatically calculated at the end of the shift. 

Feature Parity Across Platforms
Whether you’re an iOS or Android user, you’ll feel right at home in your respective apps. Instead of designing for one platform and making a carbon copy for the other, we custom tailored the UI and UX so that users on each platform were able to get a familiar experience for their device.

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