LunarLincoln has added a mini-minion. A helper, a student, an aspiring developer. Intern Logan. Here are some questions to help you better get to know the man behind the current tweaks to

Q1: What made you initially interested in coding?
The first thing that got me interested in coding was probably engineering my tenth grade year. Principals of Engineering. It was an dreadful class that I despised because it dealt a little with every branch of engineering, which meant lots of physics, which meant a lot of trusses. Oh those wretched trusses. In this class we came upon a unit that dealt with Vex kits and C++. To me at the time this foreign type of code just sounded like a grade on a test, but as we got into it I really enjoyed how rewarding it was to type a bunch of parameters into a computer and have it follow it exactly. Seeing the little motor turn on because a ultrasonic sensor had told it a marble had passed in front of it made school suddenly not feel like school, and that was when I first became interested.

Q2: What have you done to explore that interest?
Outside of school the first thing I did was go on, and look around at java and html code some. I didn’t get into things there though. Right now I’ve signed up for an AP Computer Science course at school next year, and of course I started interning here at LunarLincoln.

Q3: Any advice for fellow beginning developers?
The one major thing is to take advantage of all of the resources and opportunities given to you. There are tons of resources on the internet to learn about coding. Some cost money, but most are free. A few I went to were and CodeAcademy. In terms of opportunities recently I was presented with the opportunity to become an intern in the ISIS program at Vanderbilt where there might not be a lot of coding, but there might have been some and I would have definitely gotten my hands on some cool high-tech stuff. I ended up passing it up because I was starting a job, and I was too lazy to put together a portfolio. This decision is now regretted.

Q4: Favorite apps? Why?
I’m not really an app connoisseur or anything, and I don’t have many apps people haven’t heard about. I was really addicted to Clash of Clans, but it is wearing off and will probably soon be deleted. The Sportscenter app gets a lot of use from me. There is one  app called YikYak that is getting popular at school. It is pretty much anonymous local twitter, and it is pretty entertaining to watch local Vanderbilt frats talk smack on it. I also like an incredibly useful app called Case Collage. I recommend everyone downloads it, and buys all the premiums. (Ed. note..haaa haaaa – ps. There’s no space in CaseCollage, get it right or pay the price.)

Q5: What you hope to learn from all this? What are you going to do with it?
I hope to  enhance my coding abilities, and learn what all goes into apps. The skills that I learn here will hopefully give me a leg up on other people when I get to college. I haven’t learned enough at all to create something like an app on my own, but that would be something in the future that I might like to do.

Q6: What do you think of LunarLincoln thus far?
LunarLincoln has definitely been fun so far. Learning all the stuff about what goes into the website was interesting. The only way I knew how to make a website was to go on one of those websites you see commercials for, where you choose a bunch of premade options. Overall my time here has been useful and enjoyable.