So last we left you, we had dialed back our agency commitments and were skipping down the yellow brick road to product development.

#1 question we get when mentioning this: So…what are you building?

Um…. ummmmm…..*crickets*

We’re doing something a bit unconventional. We don’t have the idea yet. I don’t think the idea was going to come to us in the midst of agency-managing-doing-happening. We needed some brain space to get those inventive juices flowing again.

So what HAVE we been doing for the past two weeks?

Identifying markets we want to work in. Identifying technological strengths we have. Identifying contacts we have in interesting areas. Making some lists and making some more lists.

Most of the lists consist of the following:

  • Having AWESOME IDEAS and then getting depressed about how many great companies there are already out there doing that.
  • Coming up with AMAZING IDEAS that will never make any money.
  • Thinking of SUPER COOL IDEAS that only 100 people will need.
  • Identifying some REALLY NEATO IDEAS that will be pretty dang hard/elaborate to achieve.

Seriously. Our three lists combined (Jennifer, Wiley, and Joe) have over 150 concepts on them but no massive, undeniable winners. My creative brain is real tired y’all

And since just trying to “magic” a concept isn’t working.  We’re going back to that original plan. LISTENING TOUR 2018 for all our industries and connections that we love.

Bring me your problems, your frustrations, your business issues and I will bring you some excellent ways to fix them (provided I can also make money off of them and they ARE actually fixable).

You’ll be hearing from me soon.