This is it, you guys. THE CHAMPIONSHIP. Who will be the ultimate winner of Mobile Madness 2016?!?


Swift vs Jake Wharton

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Swift has had a crazy, semantically satisfying ride to the finals in this tournament. It was picked in Round 1 over the world’s most used programming language, Java (*ahem* thanks fanboys *ahem*). In Round 2 it beat out it’s arch nemesis, the big, bad Objective-C. And then in a crazy match up that left even Apple fanboys wondering who would win, it stomped iOS. Finally, Swift beat out the juggernaut that is AWS to earn a spot in the finals!

We’ve covered Swift’s benefits and shortcomings fairly thoroughly in previous posts. To recap for you fair-weather fans:

“Swift is quite new on the scene, which only hit 1.0 in September, 2014. It has been acclaimed for it’s use of functional programming and value types which can help simplify problems in the minds of developers. With much to prove for general use outside of iOS and Mac apps, it’s support from the open source community as well as big players like IBM is driving adoption for the language at a rapid pace.”


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Jake Wharton

Aaaand on the other side we have the legendary Jake Wharton. In Round 1 Jake scored a win over UX giant Roman Nurik. Then he won the battle of the Jakes to advance over iOS indie Jake Marsh. He faced off with Swift contributer Erica Sadun and came out victorious to advance to the final 4. And somehow he beat out Steve Ballmer (!!!) to advance to the finals.

We’ve written a lot about Jake in our pervious posts, but for those not paying attention here’s a recap:

“Jake thrust himself into the spotlight with his incredibly famous open source Android libraries such as ActionBarSherlock and NineOldAndroids, as well as his contributions to Square’s massive catalogue of open source libraries such as Butterknife and Retrofit. He continues to deliver enlightening talks and presentations about Android and its continued evolution as a platform. ”

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Who will be the winner?!?

In a lot of ways, this matchup comes down to iOS fanboys vs Android fanboys. After all, those of us who grew up in the early days of Android development would have had a tough time without Jake’s timely and useful libraries. On the other hand, Swift has breathed some new life into iOS development and actually got us excited about a programming languages. So who will you pick to be the one to rule them all?


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