You may have noticed a few sliiiight changes around here. Like a totally new website, an intern, some new business cards, and….drumroll please, we’re moving beyond the home office to a legit office (that may actually be smaller than our home one, but at least it’s not 5 feet from the rest of the living quarters).

LunarLincoln 2.0 peoples. The past few months have been absolutely breakneck. When people speak of famine or feast in small businesses, it’s been all feast over here. So much feasting. No more, not even a little wafer please. We are looking for some help, we are ready to grow, and man it’s exciting – if not a little nerve wrecking.

We spent the last few weeks touring various offices about town. There was a lot of goldilocks impressions going on “too old” “too big” “too hard to reach, sheesh return my call, worst office manager ever”. But we finally found the “just right”. Or at least just right – for now. We’ll see what the future holds.

So office-search-2014 finally over, last weekend we got in there to paint. Wiley was coming down from a fever which he promptly gave to me and we both had what sounded like the plague. So we painted in an unwindowed, 125 sq ft space, completely out of our minds on fumes, dayquil, and exhaustion. And did I mention we didn’t get enough paint? Yeaaaaaah. Maybe we should stick to our desk jobs – it’s more our forte.

It’s a great start to a new adventure. We’ll keep you posted on future developments. For now, I’ll just leave you with this: