LunarLincoln is live! Wiley was ready to lay down some endless rocket metaphors for you, but I stopped him. You can thank me later.

So why LunarLincoln? Other than being a wonderful alliterative combo, and very SEO friendly (ew SEO), it combines a love from each of us. The Wiley-Lunar side – an obsession with all things space (I have seriously listened to When We Left Earth THREE times while working in our office, thanks to him) and the Lincoln-Jennifer side which combines a long-standing love of history, and a particularly favorite halloween costume. Together this combo will send us TOOO THE MOOOOOOON. (Dammit, I already used that line in the footer of the website)

But really, our knowledge, skills, drive, and determination have no end in this venture. We are excited to begin, excited to help others, and excited bring new, fun ideas to app stores across the interwebs.

Commence mission launch in three, two one…