These blog posts are no longer getting written and posted on the weekend, y’all! In addition to LunarLincoln adding their very own minion, we’ve added the Lincoln part of LunarLincoln full-time.

Things that get more awesome with Wiley + Jenn (+Travis) full time?

  • In-house UI/UX design
  • In-house design and usability consulting
  • Post-app launch marketing advice
  • Web development (don’t you want a nice app website, to go with that nice app?)
  • QA testing
  • Even more blogging and twittering (and more gifs)
  • More company-built products
  • Admin tasks at lightning speed (and you get an invoice, and you, and you, and you)

Doesn’t this sound nice? I think so too.

ps. I’m really excited to do this full-time.