The #1 very, ultimately, most, most, most important thing for any company to do is to put out great work. But, lurking a close second to this in importants is to put a good face on. People DO judge a book by its cover. If you have some sad-ass microsoft word/mspaint logo, oftentimes a potential client is not going to give you a second look and won’t even see your great work.

And now I’m going to use the marketing buzzword. The b-word. The one word I retained from my past advertising experience after I threw everything else in the trash…Your foot in the door is your branding.

It’s amazing how some simple branding can convey so much about a company, its goals, skills, and culture. Do they pay attention to detail? (Website is precisely built). Do they have a serious investment in this venture? (The business cards are on nice paper, two-sided, letterhead, the works) Can they have fun? Or conversely are they appropriately serious? (How do they talk about themselves in social media?)

Whether they realize it or not, clients are taking all of this in. It is making an impression. And who doesn’t want to make a good impression?

That said, even we here at LunarLincoln, were a little behind when it came to some of the bigger elements of the “B-word”. We had the website, we had the lovingly crafted copy, but we needed the  logo and the business cards for real world interaction. So….drumroll please…I present you with.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 8.47.10 AM

And our business cards…which…we did something a little different. We went with a service called Moo. Moo does a thing called “Printfinity” which means – INFINITE BACKS! I can totally give in to my inability to make final choices and have it all. So, you can now take your pick or collect them all. Below are all 10 wonderful versions. 5 Lunars and 5 Lincolns.

LincolnsLunars I really loved making the Lincolns and they will be used frequently in the future.