LunarLincoln’s own Patrick Goley spoke at CocoaHeads Nashville this week about continuous integration and continuous development tools for iOS. Some highlights of his talk were:

  • How to build and upload to iTunes Connect (or other services) with a single command
  • How to use Match to manage code signing for teams and build servers
  • How to generate screenshots for your app in every device/language combination (OMG!)

Check out his sample project with Fastlane integration on Github:

Download his slides here: Continuous Deployment with iOS

Or watch a video of the real deal:

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We’d love to see you out at CocoaHeads Nashville each month – great talks, great people, delicious pizza, and beer. It is run by the talented and charming Blake Merryman and Bryn Bodayle and there are a myriad of topics covered each year. Sign up for updates at

Hungry for more? Here are some videos of past CocoaHeads talks: