Let’s be honest – app ideas are hard. The world is big and fast-moving and what’s hip today might flop tomorrow. Having what feels like a good app idea is only the first small step in building a successful product.


The Process

So, imagine you’ve dreamt up a great new app idea, what should you do? The very first thing any entrepreneur should do is check if their idea already exists, but not for the reasons you might think.

You’re not looking to see whether the door is shut in your face, you’re looking to see if the idea has potential in the market. Most app ideas are not purely original. Tons of people are having the same great idea each and every day. But that’s okay! Other people with similar ideas prove that it is a good one! Seeing competitors shows that there is a need and it is feasible concept.

Realistically, you ARE going to find a few apps that do some similar behavior to what you’re imagining. Whether those apps are wildly successful or quietly unnoticed, you’ll have to innovate and find ways to improve upon these existing products. Think about features that are missing, designs that can be improved, and new ways to monetize. Do you think this market has room for another app? How can you attract the most attention?


What if you go app hunting and can’t find anything even close to your app idea? In this scenario, your app idea typically falls into one of three cases:

  1. Your app idea is original and nobody else has thought of it
  2. Your app idea has been discovered to be too costly to develop
  3. Your app idea isn’t appealing to enough users

Naturally, you want to be in the first category, but what if you’re not? This is hard, and you’ll likely need to reach out to potential users and gauge their interest. Continuing down this path is certainly risky but can still be very successful.


The Bottom Line

The harsh reality is that most app ideas are uphill climbs. You’ll work, you’ll iterate, you’ll advertise, and sometimes you’ll fail. Failure is a tough pill to swallow, but it’s a fantastic learning opportunity. Did you make a mistake when assessing the viability of your idea? Did market conditions change? Or did someone else beat you to the market while you were developing? No matter the outcome, use this experience to craft your next great app idea.