In an effort to unite the non-sports and sports fans in the office, this year we are bringing you


We’ve made some brackets with some things. We followed some very hazy grouping logic that includes the following:

People Conferences
The large and small experts in the world of mobile development and technology

Things Made by People Conferences
The code, the tools, the platforms that help us do our jobs every day.

Starting Monday (March 21) We will be posting a short blog post about the contenders each and every day for the next two weeks as well as posting up a twitter poll for the voting results (@lunarlincoln).

Join in! Argue! Debate! Decide on what is “best” (whatever that means).

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 3.59.40 PM

Will the ultimate champion be Steve Ballmer?

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Will that extra T in Mattt Thompson’s name give him the final push across the finish line?


Will Xamarin come from behind and prove to us once and for all that it’s not the awkward stepchild of mobile development?


You will have to wait and see next week. Download your bracket now. Fill it out.  Send it back to us. The 5 best brackets submitted receive LunarLincoln camping mugs. This thing holds A LOT of coffee guys. You’re going to want to fill out that bracket and participate.



And here is the voting schedule. Check our twitter handle for the daily poll/voting:

Round of 32

  • March 21 – People 1
  • March 22 – People 2
  • March 23 – Code/Platforms
  • March 24 – Tools

Sweet Sixteen

  • March 25 – Tools & People 1
  • March 26 -Code/Platforms  & People 2
  • March 27 – Tools & People 1
  • March 28 -Code/Platforms & People 2

Elite Eight

  • March 29 – Tools &Code/Platforms
  • March 30 – People 1 & People 2

Final Four

  • March 31 – Tools versus Code/Platforms
  • April 1 – People 1 versus People 2


  • April 2 – X versus X