Zack Morris Cell PhoneWe’ll let you in on a little secret – smart phones didn’t even exist when we were in college (other than early Blackberrys). LAN Parties were super high-tech and the App Store wasn’t open to developers until July of 2008. As a result, events and hackathons like VandyHacks weren’t an option for undergrad Jenn & Wiley.

A lot has changed. For the tech world in general and for the learning opportunities available to new developers. We decided to help sponsor this year’s VandyHacks as a way to give back to younger versions of ourselves and dive head first into the whole mentoring thing.

During the event we were available to provide advice, guidance, and a lift over the hard parts of assembling an app from scratch. Shout out to Travis and Ben for pulling several all nighters with student teams.


On top of that, we also gave a talk about building apps at a higher level – looking beyond the mere code.

We compiled the talk as well as lots of handy resources as a page on our site that can be found here. But, its not just handy for the VandyHackers, ANYONE can use this stuff.

Amazing goodies available at that link:
  • iOS & Android Tutorials
  • iOS & Android Favorite Tools/Sites
  • Wireframing Printables
  • Resources for GUI design kits
  • Prototyping Programs
  • Photoshop & Sketch Tutorials
  • The secrets to life – vis a vis a LunarLincoln slidedeck


The weekend was great. We met some fantastic future developers, and gave out a prize to a team from Georgia Tech that built a pretty great simulation game with Google Tango as freshmen – Catching Cubes! (Talk about ambitious). Congrats to: Miti Joshi, Tessa Jensen, Zac Romick, and Vritant Bhardwaj.