The results are in and the winners from yesterday are: iOS, Swift, Erica Sadun, and Jake Wharton. Here is your updated Bracket. We’re moving on to some strange pairings. We’re getting into the really abstract comparisons of what is “the best” here at Mobile Madness. Join us on this journey.

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Steve Ballmer vs Felix Krause

This is getting hard guys. The insane cult-of-personality that is Steve Ballmer or the straight up utility and approachability that is Felix Krause. Don’t make me make this choice!
Answer the twitter poll here



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Erica Sadun vs Jake Wharton

Ultimate indie expert battle – still iOS versus Android in this bracket. In one corner – Jake Wharton and his 1 billion excellent open source libraries and in the other corner Erica Sadun – Queen of Swift. Make your pick. If you can. Answer the twitter poll here


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Xcode vs AWS

Ok, whew, this bracket got weird. Let’s compare a development platform with a cloud service. Both are massive industry standards but which works better? Which is more integral to development?  Answer the twitter poll here



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iOS vs Swift

The parent or the child? What do you think of iOS as a platform in general? Is Swift its best incarnation? Is the future of iOS brighter with Swift? Can iOS win all bets as an innovator in its own field? I don’t knowwww! Answer the twitter poll here